Vegan Thanksgiving Guide 2022!

By Emma Goldblatt

We wish you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving! In this guide you will find Vegan versions of a few Thanksgiving dishes, as well as ways to help Turkeys this time of year.

Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes!

  • Fall Harvest Soup -Recipe by Maddie Reich of @TheJewishVegan
    • “This simple recipe is packed full of flavor and just feels like fall because it’s chock full of the best root vegetables of the season.”
  • Healthy Green Bean Casserole Recipe by Alexis of the Hummusapien
    • “This creamy Healthy Green Bean Casserole is the absolute best! It tastes just like the classic and is the star of the table. You’d never never guess it’s dairy free!”
  • Classic Mac n’ Cheese – Recipe by Maddie Reich of @TheJewishVegan
    • “This mac’n’cheese recipe is perfect for when you’re craving the ooey, gooey classic cheesiness that comes from vegan cheese shreds and vegan butter.”
  • Vegan Turkey – The Gardein Holiday Roast happens to be the favorite of our program manager, Emma. It even comes with 2 packs of gravy which saves you time on cooking! The instructions are easy and come with the meal. These days we are lucky that there are many turkey alternatives on the market. Have fun exploring your local grocery store to see what they have!
  • Pumpkin Spice ChallahRecipe by Rachel Hershkovitz of @soy.gevalt
    • Rich pumpkin perfect for autumn⁠, Warm cinnamon-y spices – your house is going to smell amazing!⁠ Sweet, crunchy pecan topping⁠.”
*photo by Rachel Hershkovitz

Be Kind to Turkeys!

Here are some interesting facts about turkeys:⁠

🦃 They can run up to 12 miles an hour.

🦃 Their wattles can change from red to blue to white depending on how they are feeling.⁠

🦃 Only male turkeys gobble. Female turkeys purr.⁠

🦃 Some of them enjoy hugs and pettings.⁠

Support your local farm sanctuary! They are doing important work.⁠

Adopt a Turkey!

Did you know that November is Adopt a Turkey Month? These fluffy feathered friends deserve a better chance at a good life, and you can help make that happen! ⁠

Lots of organizations such as @FarmSanctuary help to save these magnificent animals. As November comes to a close, we encourage you to take a moment and learn about how you can adopt a turkey at this link.

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