Pledge to Go Cruelty Free!

Are you already following a vegan diet? Make the next step forward towards a more compassionate lifestyle by pledging to use cruelty-free products! While this may seem like an overwhelming step, you can find some resources, tips and tricks below the pledge!

We make many ethical choices throughout our day. By taking small steps, we make big changes with our impact.

Sign the pledge below! (By signing this pledge you are promising to buy personal and household care products that were not tested on animals!)

Keep in mind that many products may have a generic bunny logo, claim to be “cruelty free”, or “against animal testing.” These may not be complete truths. Some companies will still test some of their ingredients on animals, sell in countries where animal testing is required, or just make empty promises of being “against animal testing.” In addition, “vegan” products that don’t contain animal products, may still be tested on animals.

Tip #1: Start with one category at a time.

Switch your hair care one month, then skin care, and household cleaners the next. When you spread out the changes over time, it can feel more manageable and in turn hopefully be longer lasting.

Tip #2: Look for these 3 logos:

Tip #3: Search for the product or brand at one of these reputable sites:

Leaping Product Guide

Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny

Beauty without Bunnies

Tip #4: Make your own products!

Many beauty and household products can be made from ingredients you may already have at home. Check out these links to find some awesome resources and recipes: (There are also endless other free resources online!)

Bathroom alchemy: How to make your own eco-friendly vegan beauty products

Make Your Own Makeup With These 125 Cruelty-Free DIY Recipes

How to make your own natural vegan cleaning products

We hope this was helpful. Thank you for choosing to go cruelty free!

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