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SHAMAYIM: Jewish Animal Advocacy is a nonprofit organization that offers programs, campaigns, and educational opportunities to teach the Jewish community about animal advocacy and veganism. Programs include the Synagogue Vegan Challenge, the Shamayim College Fellowship, the Egg-Free Challah Program, and the Rabbi Reflection Circle, with more opportunities on the way. Shamayim hosts a yearly retreat creating a space for Jewish animal advocates to invigorate the connection between tradition, values, and compassion for animals over an uplifting Shabbat weekend. We share online content, including blogs, podcast episodes, and news for those in the Jewish community to stay informed about matters related to animals and veganism. Additionally, we partner with other Jewish and animal advocacy organizations to work towards the mission of reducing the suffering of all animals.

‚ÄúShamayim‚ÄĚ means ‚ÄúHeaven‚ÄĚ in Hebrew. The goal of Jewish life is to bring heaven down to earth and to sanctify the world through all of our just and holy endeavours. The Midrash teaches that there is a temple located in the heavens that sits directly above the temple on earth (Genesis Rabbah 69:7). The same G-d who makes the heavens radiate also illuminates our earthly existence. We are the stewards of the earth seeking to ensure that heaven still has a place on earth by removing injustice, oppression, and suffering from our midst. The animal kingdom is the most abused of all sentient beings. By protecting the most vulnerable creatures on earth, we return the holiness to our world by bringing Shamayim back down to the earth, by bringing heaven back down to earth.

SHAMAYIM: Jewish Animal Advocacy was renamed from The Shamayim V’Aretz Institute in March of 2019.

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