October 2019 Newsletter

October 14th, 2019


We hope you had a peaceful and meaningful high-holiday season.

As we enter 5780, we’re reminded of the importance of our work to advocate for animals, minimize our impact on the environment and heal ourselves, and our community. Take a look through our updates and learning opportunities below to see these values in action!

If you’re looking for some insight on why applying these values is so important in our current times, check out the weekly dvars on our blog.Campus Fellowship

Doing good for ourselves, the planet, and animals by eating plant-based is an intrinsically Jewish value. Through our Campus Fellowship Program, eleven students across the country are spreading this message of compassion by hosting food and discussion centered events, truly putting Tikkun Olam into action in their communities. Below are just a few examples of the awesome events they’ve held since the start of the school year!

Ethical Eating Webinar

Are you curious about the history behind Jewish food? The relevance of our food choices today? How we can create a kinder world through our daily food rituals?

You’re invited to join Shamayim and Ritualwell to explore these questions and more in a three-part webinar series beginning this November.

Learn more and Register today



Will we be seeing you this February? We sure hope so!

We invite you to join us for thought-provoking sessions about animals, veganism, and Judaism; along with kosher plant-based meals and great company in the foothills of Simi Valley, California at our annual retreat.

Email lisa@shamyim.us if you have any questions.

Register today!

A few of our 2020 retreat speakers are listed below:

Learn more about Adam Sud

Learn more about Dr. Carol Kline

Learn more about Bobby Sud


CA governor signed AB-44 on October 12th, making California the first US state to ban the sale of new fur! This law, starting in 2023, will save the lives of millions of animals who are killed for their fur for fashion. Shamayim has been happy to support this bill since June. Seeing it pass is a massive step forward for animals and gives us hope for the future.

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